Need shoulder to cry

I realized that I am not always the strong person and I make others believe I am
I realized that sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on
I realized that sometimes I need someone to "carry me"
I realized that sometimes I need someone to tell me that everything will be okay, even when everything not okay
I realized that I can't be Super Woman, I need to give myself a break
I realized that I am not meant to make it all on my own
I realized that there are some people that really do care...and will always care for me
I realized that it doesn’t mean I am weak, but instead...means I am human.

6 komentar:

  1. om bear definitely ready to lend his shoulder for you, care about you and will never let you go :)

  2. preeeet..he never-never-never, he only love his job

  3. nooo..he ♥ YOU. maybe you must split his chest :D

  4. I feel like that, huks..I need to share many thing with him *galau sebelum nikah*

  5. ngek. inggrisnya kacau, hahaha. beuhh..mkanan apaa itu galau

  6. not only men but also women, all of them need a place to share all the burden they face, because that's the nature of a human

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    too yeah,,thanks be4..:)